Naukabout Beer Co. (NBC) is looking for entrepreneurial-minded, brewery professionals who are interested in joining our team here in Mashpee, MA (Cape Cod). We’re looking for brewer candidates who can join our team as we move into the new year. If you’ve been looking for a chance to showcase your leadership and innovation then this could be the opportunity you’re looking for.

Naukabout was established with a simple idea in mind - "doing what you love to do after doing what you have to do." When we were kids our dad would come home from work and tell us to change out of our ‘work-abouts’ and to put on our ‘nauk-abouts’ so we could go outside to play. Ever since then we’ve been sharing the philosophy of Naukabout thru backyard BBQ’s with the family, weekend ski trips with the buddies, a music festival on Cape Cod and for the past six years thru our work in the beer industry. 

We’re interested in finding like-minded brewers who love beer - crafting it and sharing it. Experience is always required, but we’re also searching for folks who ‘get’ the philosophy of Naukabout and who can help further our mission of creating and sharing Naukabout moments. 

Our new brewery and taproom is located on the shore of Lake Mashpee and the Mill Pond herring run in the beautiful town of Mashpee on Cape Cod. Our 7bbl direct-fire brewhouse is accompanied by a taproom and outdoor patio area for a food truck and live music. 

We’ll be accepting resumes from professional brewers with at least 1 year of relevant industry experience. In addition to your resume please submit a brief summary describing what you love doing after work to relax and unwind. Please also provide 3-5 references and be sure to include details on current and past workplace experience and responsibilities.

Interested candidates can email their resume and other relevant application paperwork to with “Brewer Application” in the subject line. Thank you for taking the time to review this opportunity. We hope to hear from you soon!

Peter Murner, CEO




A Brewer for Naukabout Beer Co. (NBC) is responsible for all brewing processes and overall operations of the brewing equipment. This position reports directly to the Head Brewer and CEO. 

I. Responsibilities

  • Responsible for prioritizing brewery sanitation and safety

  • Brew Naukabout’s world class beers using the guidelines, concepts and recipes already in place

  • Bring Naukabout to the attention of the beer tourist, beer aficionado, and the beer industry by taking the existing concepts and newly developed formulas to develop a beer program of consistent high quality, world class beers.

  • Manage brewing process of all beers which ensures adherence to top quality process, agreed upon formulation and flavor.

  • Conduct quality checks, process audits, and monitor production reports to ensure adherence to quality standards and performance

  • Manage the routine maintenance on all property, facility, mechanical systems - including the coordination of maintenance related downtime to minimize disruption to brewery operations

  • Consistently deliver products of the highest quality while always considering flavor, efficiency and specifications.

  • Monitor brewery effluent and environmental concerns as required to meet local/state requirements

  • Support and/or perform all necessary functions in the Brewery, to the brewpub managers for the purpose of Retail and Tour Center operations

  • Will represent the brewery at local and regional events

  • Contribute to market visits to work with sales personnel. Participate in beer tastings, lead in staff education, beer dinners and other events

  • Handle all beer orientations to staff, including presentations related to the entire brewing process, beer styles, QA responsibilities, Draft Quality, and Sensory training             

  • Support and eventual mastery of all hot-side, cold-side, cellering, packaging (canning & kegging), draft system and all other aspects involved with going from grain to glass                                                                                    

II. Competencies

  • Intensity/Commitment to Task

    • Timely communication

    • Constant focus on industry standards and self obligation to those standards

    • Impeccable track record of delivering upon commitments

    • Self-motivated

    • Responsive and accessible

    • Highly motivated

    • Organized with a specific course of action

    • Positive affiliation with the beer community

    • Highly regarded brewer within the industry

    • Positive attitude

    • Willing to do what it takes to get the job done

    • Delivers quality results in a efficient manner

  • Problem Solving

    • Solution focused; able to identify problems, evaluates options and implement solutions

    • Able and willing to come up with creative solutions to obstacles

    • Able to see the “big picture” and keeps this in mind when making decisions

    • Decisive

    • Able to use logic, mathematics, or other problem solving tools in generating solutions

    • Able to understand complex issues

    • Uses resources and personnel effectively to achieve business goals

    • Focused under pressure

  • Judgment

    • Develops accurate perception and understanding of others’ positions, feelings, needs, values, and opinions

    • Open to coaching and sees the value of different perspectives

    • Approaches conflict and adversity in a professional and productive manner

    • Uses reason when dealing with emotional topics, irate individuals and demanding customers

    • Is appropriate and professional at all times

    • Makes well thought out decisions

    • Dresses appropriately and portrays a professional appearance

    • Demonstrates self-awareness

    • Able to negotiate and/or achieve consensus among all necessary stakeholders when working on projects with others

  • Motivating/Team Building

    • Able to get things done while developing strong working relationships

    • Builds credibility and rapport with all staff

    • Puts own interests aside for the good of the group

    • Instills commitment and enthusiasm for high levels of performance

    • Displays a positive, “can-do” attitude

    • Supports others in their endeavors to achieve

    • Acts as a positive role model for others

  • Persuader/Communication

    • Presents ideas in a clear and concise manner

    • Expresses self in an honest and positive manner

    • Writes clearly and effectively, documents activities and presents ideas

    • Delivers concise, impactful and creative presentations

    • Adheres to voicemail and email response expectations

    • Listens well and is focused when others are speaking

    • Able to effectively influence others

    • Is appropriately assertive

    • Effectively communicates with appropriate individuals through all phases of a project or task

    • Communicates “with” others, not “down” to them

  • Proactivity/Planning

    • Can independently manage time, establish priorities and effectively schedules work to meet deadlines

    • Multi-tasks and sets priorities

    • Anticipates obstacles and develops contingency plans

    • Delivers projects and initiatives within budget requirements

    • Sets realistic goals that are relevant to department and company strategies

    • Focuses on the correct goals to drive the business

    • Self-motivated and self-disciplined

    • Eager, resourceful and takes initiative

    • Anticipates obstacles and develops contingency plans

    • Works well with little direction

    • Takes initiative to ensure goals are achieved

    • Goes beyond what is expected without being told

  • Leadership

    • Focused on achieving results

    • Displays solid judgment

    • Able to think strategically

    • Has a high degree of learning agility

    • Adapts well to change

    • Displays a high degree of emotional intelligence

    • Influences the actions and opinions of others in a desired direction

    • Able to effectively motivate employees

    • Exhibits and communicates clear direction and vision

    • Leads by example

  • Strategic Awareness And Capability

    • Understands business dynamics and seeks mutually beneficial solutions to problems

    • Recognizes and uses information about the organizational climate and key individuals to accomplish goals

    • Aware of the importance of timing, industry politics, and group processes within the brewing industry

    • Projects trends and visualizes possible and probable futures and their implications

    • Accomplishes goals through strong business acumen, analytical processes, constant follow-up and accountability

    • Is aware of the business environment at all points of the distribution process. (Consumer, retailer, distributor, supplier)

    • Ability to assess alternatives in terms of their financial, psychological, and strategic advantages and disadvantages

  • Creativity and Innovation

    • Develops unique and creative solutions to problems and opportunities

    • Uses creativity and innovation to give life to new ideas

    • Presents information in an attention-getting and interesting manner

    • Willing to take risks

II. Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive salary and other incentives based on experience